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We like to give customers the type service we would like to receive ourselves & we have an amazing team of staff to help us deliver that. We also have wonderful customers and this makes us want to keep doing our job better.

There is an old saying that the best form of advertising is word of mouth and in todays electronic society social media is the new word of mouth. Take a look at what some of our customers have had to say about our Yarram Car Service Workshop... 

Sometimes on social media, a comment by one person explodes into an outpouring of views from others and we would like to share with you one such example that came though on our phone a while back. (Thanks so much Janis Patching for your kind - words & feedback. And thanks Lori, Sue & Gary for your comments also & everyone else for the likes. We really appreciate it.)

Review from Janis Patching D Yarram & Surrounds

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Admin please delete if not allowed. I just want to say how impressed I am with a local business, “Yarram Automotive Centre” I get my car serviced on a regular basis at this location and each time I am impressed with the way I am treated and the car service that I receive.

Details of the service are always explained in a way that I understand. I am happy with the fee charged and upfront costs are given to me when something extra needs to be done. My car is in good hands and I trustwhat is being recommended to be done, as personally I have no idea. Rob and Kim, Well done and thankyou to you and your team!!! I will be back for my next service, and highly recommend your business. 

Robyn Marks

I appreciated being kept informed of how the service was going and what was found. The loan car is a huge advantage too as I live quite a distance away. The staff are friendly and its always been a pleasure to have my car serviced at Yarram. The follow up phone call after the service is reassuring too to ensure I'm satisfied.

Maria Bruzzese

They were great getting my car fixed quick as I have small children and had to borrow a car to get to work and children to kinder and school Want to thank Rob and his staff from yarram for been so good to us, really appreciate it. Maria

Graham Mcintyre

I am very happy with the service I received at Yarram Automotive Service thay are very helpful and informative and go out of their way to make sure everything is in good order and I am satisfied.

Paul Morris

Great service, friendly and very helpful staff. I will continue to have my vehicles serviced here.

George Bovell

The Yarram Aoutomotive Service Centre gets a big thumbs up from my wife & myself, their Customer Care & Car Servicing is 2nd to none, the added bonus is they're a Local Business that really care about what they do.

Larry Roberts

Thank you for the hard work and a fantastic job done on this car a job well done. It now runs the way a Camry should. Thanks Larry

Susan Gulley

Always provide great services Never any problems with the friendly team of workers Thanks for taking care of me and my car

Melanie Grieve

Thanks for washing my car... Fantastic service!

Warren Peart

These guys are Reliable, prompt, friendly and efficient. They know they’re business and are fully trusted.

Cheryl Kane

As always, great service from the crew in Yarram.

Jim Stirling

Had my sons vehicle attended to recently and right from the start when the vehicle had to be towed from my property after sitting there for 2 years.The help alone for this task was fantastic.As it was unregerstered and had to be bought up to roadworthy the work alone in doing this was great.The overall attention right from the start by Rob and then by Anthony was all so helpfull.This was a major job as the vehicle had last been attended in Queensland about 3/4 years ago.Right from the start kept informed of costs and time to meet a deadline to finish the job.

Jane Smith

I have always found Rob and the Team very helpful, friendly and honest and would not hesitate to recommend Yarram Automotive Centre

Melissa Sinclair

So very impressed with the service and professionalism at Yarram Automotive Centre. The care and detail and the feeling you are not just another number! Thank you!

Darren Whelan

Yarram Automotive great and trusted local Service

Maureen Gardner

Fantastic people, Great service .

Joy Darby

When I arrived to drop off my car, the garage looked very busy, the start of the working year rush. Despite this the service was carried out in good time - with a quick and easy pickup. I trust this garage, they always advise me of what my car requires without over servicing or over charging. We are fortunate to have a garage like this locally

Peter Hull

The work and service provided by Rob and his team is consistently excellent.

David Graham

Prompt, efficient, polite is about as good as it can get. I cannot detect any areas in need of improvement.

Graham Barker

Yarram automotive are the best around. towed vehicle to them and booked a date for it to be fixed.low and behold it was done the next day thanx to a quick fix by a cluey service team HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Moores Family Butchers

Repco Yarram, have great customer service and brilliant customer care they are honest and reliable.

Jillian Maher

I found the workmanship of a very High Standard. Their communication, friendliness and knowledge extremely good. I would highly recommend this organisation.

Warren Peart

Prompt, reliable, knowledgeable and friendly. Couldn’t want better service. !

Graham Money

Great service,very helpful people cannot fault.

Nullani Stewart

These guys are so friendly, professional and helpful, everytime. Wonderful business, very skilfully and thoughtfully run.

Gd & Dk Farley Pty Ltd

to date everything very professional

Maggie Thomson

I have been extremely happy with your service and would recommend your business to anyone looking to service their car.

Paul Morris

Very happy with all aspects of the service. Staff were very helpful. All expenses were costed and relayed to me prior to work being carried out. Happy to continue having my car serviced

Robin Campbell

A big thank you to Rob and the team at Yarram. It is really good to be able to trust the mechanics looking after me and my car. The friendly service is 10 out of 10

Laurie Edebohls

The service received from the team at Yarram Repco is second to none. From initial contact through to completion of work and final follow-up it is a professional outfit dedicated to achieving a successful outcome for clients irrespective of vehicle type or vintage. As an owner one feels that a vehicle will be in good hands for its life cycle. If only our health care system could work as well.

Peter & Jenny Rowe

I have three vehicles that Repco Yarram have been looking after over the last four years and am more than satisisfied with there total commitment to servicing and maintaining them. Maybe not the cheapest in the area, but you get what you pay for and it’s important for us who live in a regional area to have our vehicles reliable.Frienly and informative staff. I highly recommend them. Well done to Rob, Anthony and the crew.

Rory Stainer

Very professional and friendly service at Yarram automotive.

Heather Mccrae

Always prompt and professional

Fred Bennett

I have had the best experience with all of my dealings with this company. The staff are very proffesional and courteous .I have reccomended them to family members and friends.

Marie Farrow

Yarram Automotive is an all round excellent mechanics centre . The turnaround time was very good and throughout the various issues which needed addressing I was kept well informed. I have faith in their honesty and the quality of the work performed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Yarram Automotive to others.

Lori Sketcher

here here :-D could not agree more , the service they provide , always goes above and beyond anything you can hope for ;-) Well done Kim Gulley Suckling and Rob , keep up the awesome work xo

Sue Jones

Have always had great service from them as well. Starts right at the front desk. 3 Cheers.

Gary Jones

Me too, I took my car up from Melbourne and - stayed at mum and dads in Jack River and took my car in there they were great very nice people and explained everything

Tim Eborn

I've been driving for a b it over 60 years and I " put them in my top 2 or 3 . Cant fault them and because they are such nice people why would you want to.

Anneke Homan

Couldn't agree more!!!

Jane Smith

totally agree with everything you said Janis, they are a real pleasure to deal with

Jennifer Douch

Reminds me I need to take our car back for a service, and I agree 100% :—)

Brian Lee

You took over from the reputation Alan had made there Rob, and you have built on it and made it even better. People trust you - very important!

Sandy Stainer

I totally agree

Julie Rigby

Absolutely my car is going beautiful.

Marg Lawrie

Could not agree more about it being a pleasure to deal with Rob and all the staff. Great servicing of the vehicles and everything explained in a friendly way. Thank you to all the team

Jacqui Lee

We use it too, and are always happy with results.

John W Campbell

Absolutely right Janis. They are great!

Marg Pettitt

Totally agree!! 

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